Marble is beautiful – no one can dispute that. Its characteristics from patterns to colors, are what make the stone special. It is understandable why people choose to have marble kitchen countertops

There are a number of stone colors available in granite although none can match the beauty of a veined white marble.

Marble has long been the stone of choice from castles of old to commercial applications of the finest quality. Monuments to ballroom floors, window sills to sophisticated foyers, it is a stone that rarely competes with other elements for attention, though it can blend in or serve as the centerpiece of a room, depending on its pairings. Whether a classic neutral like Crema Marfil, or a more striking variety like Rosa Verona, which is dominated by oranges and reds, marble is an elegant but eye-catching stone. Surprisingly, marble is a comparatively affordable option when measured against other natural stone options. This makes it an elegant but attainable option for today’s homes.

Marble is susceptible to chips or stains, as it is a softer stone, its also susceptible to etching, meaning that any acids (lemon juice, tomato juice, wine) that is not cleaned right way, may etch the surface of the stone making it dull. If it is a honed or leather finish the etching is masked within the surface. On a polished finish once the etching is overwhelming after years of use, the entire surface can be repolished bringing it back to its original beauty.