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LEA Porcelain Slabs and tile:

LEA Ceramiche is a man-made porcelain, it is highly engineered surface which features the latest technology and offers a large selection of stunning surface designs. Its non-porous, scratch, stain and heat resistant, extremely strong and maintenance free. Ideal for backsplashes, tub and shower surrounds, flooring, wall cladding and fireplace surrounds. Lightweight and large format (118x39) allows seamless and easy application.

The preciousness of marble is brought to life with the revolutionary and impressive Timeless Marble tiles.

This collection surprises with the precision and attention to the finest details of designs that stand out on large tiles which are 5.5mm thick.

The graphic variations of Timeless Marble are proposed in 7 colours: Calacatta Gold Extra, Statuario White, Safari Amande, Travertino Classico, Pietra Gray, Lasa Bright and Onice Venus.