Verona Collection

Consisting of hand-crafted slabs of semi precious fossil stone.

Agate slabs are most demanding gemstone surface these days, due to its incredible good look & ambience backlit light. Agate is also referred as healing stone from ancient times.

These semi precious agate slabs are best suitable for counter top, table top, backsplash, living room interior, shower wall, bar top, worktop, kitchen top, bath tub surround & many other luxury interior decor.

Is a far more durable stone that is also extremely dramatic in its design and will become a true focal point in any room.

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Gemstone vanity tops and countertops are made from semi-precious stones that are positioned close together and embedded into a resin base. The resin is durable and helps to protect the stone from everyday use.  

The resin can resist staining, heat, and scratches. Gemstone countertops in your kitchen or bathroom create a look that is truly unique every time, and the variety of stones that can be put into a gemstone countertop is quite large.

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