Meet HanStone’s state-of-the-art Quartz surfaces made of natural quartz – one of nature’s strongest materials. Offering beauty tough enough to stand up to everyday life. With classic hues and beautiful movements, HanStone Quartz celebrates the natural world around us, while being on trend and appealing for all interiors.


Many interior surface material harbor unwanted microorganisms. With routine cleaning, HanStone’s nonporous surfaces inherently will not harbor or promote bacteria, mold or mildew growth.

Scratch resistant:

Composed mostly of natural quartz that registers a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are 10)Hanstone’s Quartz surfaces are exceptionally resistant, however, no surface is 100% scratch proof, so cutting or dragging heavy, sharp objects directly on the surface should be avoided.

Stain Resistant:

This surface is non porous, impermeable to liquids, and highly resistant to stains from common culprits like wine, coffee, vinegar and makeup.

Heat Resistant:

Made from  one of Nature’s most heat resistant materials, HanStone Quartz are highly resistant to high temperatures. To avoid thermal shock, do not place searing hot objects directly on the surface.Easy to maintain:It requires no sealants, waxes, coating or routine polishing. Clean with damp cloth, mild liquid detergents, or non-abrasive non-bleach cleansers.


Designed to handle life’s normal wear and tear. HanStone Quartz is composed of natural hard quartz crystal to produce one of the most durable surfacing material on today’s market.

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