Cutting-edge technologies - LEA Porcelain Panels



This distinctive product has been steadily rising in popularity, mainly because of its unique format and mechanical properties. Used it on walls in homes, and have wrapped columns in them, instead of using stone, because the slabs are large, much lighter than a marble or granite, and a lot thinner.

A few years back they were hard to find domestically and in very limited neutral colors. Now, we’re seeing a full spectrum, and even the ability to supply your own image file to create something completely custom.

Lea Ceramiche has always stood out from the crowd. And it has done so by innovating: with products with a clear personality and remarkable technical qualities, cutting-edge production technologies; and with the collaboration of the most respected international designers who are able to exalt the character and the qualities of its collections, used in prestigious projects and installations all over the world.

The latest cutting-edge digital technology enables production of exceptional designs that feature depth in graphic and astounding colors, faithfully recreating the natural irregularities of cement, stone, marble, wood and other modern surfaces.​​​

First introduced, many installers were quoting prices that were double, even triple, the price of a typical installation because of the inexperience with the product. However, with the ever-growing resources, such as guidelines and training videos, installers no longer have to fear working with these products

LESS WORK / Lower Cost

Ability to cover large areas in short time, cleaner installation process, less costly, and requires less work be done on the space. They can be laid over existing floors if they’re perfectly smooth and level, reducing the material that goes into landfills. Their durability also means they’ll last longer, which is another form of sustainability. Their light weight means less fuel is required to transport them. And the material itself is considered green.

LESS MAINTENANCE / Fewer Grout Lines

Slab can be made exceptionally strong while remaining thin. This allows the use of larger sections of it. This isn’t just a matter of aesthetic or look, either. Grout can be an exceptional pain to clean. Having no or only a few lines of it to clean can feel much better than having dozens of lines and intersections to scrub. Grout can hang on to soap scum, or grow mold and mildew in areas with a lot of water. For shower or bath installations, fewer grout lines don’t just look nicer, they can keep a room cleaner as well as giving you back all that time that you would’ve spent cleaning them.


The strength, thinness, and ease of installation for large format porcelain tile means that it can fit a number of needs. They can be used as floors, walls, and are incredibly popular as featured backsplashes. Their quick and painless install process means the entire attitude of a room can be changed very quickly and efficiently.Few materials can so successfully match the look of so many other material choices. From stone to concrete, metal, and even wood, porcelain tile has a look that can be easily adapted.


Scratch- and spill-resistant. It’s difficult to damage the surface in any way. This includes the kind of scratches that may result from knives or dropped items. It also includes even harsher impacts.It also has very low porosity. This means that it has fewer, smaller pores for liquid to get into and stain. That essentially means porcelain tile is great at rejecting the absorption of liquid. This is what makes it such a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It will reject moisture and remain easy to clean even in very humid environments. A spill won’t stain, even if you don’t notice it at first and only get it cleaned up later.’


Is the solution that completes Lea Ceramiche’s product range by offering slabs of laminated porcelain in record sizes (118″x39.4″ and 102″x48″) due to extraordinary lightness resulting from a thickness of only 3,5mm, 5,5mm and 6mm.

It’s the result of a laminating and porcelain compacting technology that has revolutionised the traditional productive process and as a result a completely new, resistive, light, flexible, pliable and versatile product is obtained. Slimtech fully satisfies the most up-to-date needs for modern planning for both internal and for expansive external areas of modern buildings.

Slimtech is:

  • Thin, light and suitable for renovation projects
  • Easy to work with, handle and lay
  • Flexible (minimum radius of curvature up to 5 metres)
  • Perfectly flat
  • Available in a wide range of big sizes
  • And with the exclusive antimicrobial Protect shield
  • All processes are executed and managed in-house, from the  application of the fibreglass mesh to polishing and rectification.


Applications & Solutions

Slimtech is highly customisable, thanks to the ease with which it can be cut and handled: wall-cladding, application on objects and home furnishings, even ones that you never would have considered, become possible thanks to the variety of thicknesses, formats, and technical features, it is also the perfect choice for both new constructions and for renovations in which it can be laid o ver pre-existing floors.

  • Interiors residential (flooring and wall cladding)
  • Doors and stairs and landings
  • Surfaces for kitchen countertops and furniture, for table tops, bookshelves and wardrobes shower cabins and trays, wash   basins and bathroom furniture
  • External cladding and ventilated facades
  • External wall thermal insulation system
  • Tunnels and large public projects
  • Cladding of interiors in spas and pools
  • Laid over pre-existing material
  • Cladding in the nautical industry

This is opening up a whole new world of creativity. It can streamline a kitchen as porcelain slab countertops, completely change the look of a bathroom, or create feature walls and backsplashes that make a room feel more refined. Fewer lines to break up the space visually, resulting in an overall calmer design. 

With a tasteful combination of formats and sizes, it is possible to create visually striking effects that can determine the personality of the whole project.